Serious Crimes Have Serious Consequences

Hire a violent crime defense attorney in North Little Rock, AR

Building your own defense is never a good idea, especially if you're facing violent crime charges. The best way to advocate for yourself in front of a judge is to hire an experienced attorney. The Cannon Law Firm offers representation for individuals being charged with violent crimes in the North Little Rock, AR area.

Violent crimes include charges like homicide, robbery, kidnapping, harassment and assault. Our defense attorney has more than 20 years of experience defending clients against all of these charges.

Are you being charged with a violent crime? A defense attorney needs to be your next phone call. Call David Cannon today.

criminal defense in NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR

Let an experienced assault defense attorney your defense step by step

David takes representation seriously. He will do everything in his power to advocate for you and stand up for your rights.

As your violent crime defense attorney, David will...

  • Meet with you for a free consultation
  • Go over the details of your case
  • Obtain any necessary evidence
  • Build a strong criminal defense
  • Present your argument in court

You need legal representation if you're being charged with assault. Our defense attorney will stand by your side every step of the way.

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