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It only takes one conviction to stain your permanent record. If you're arrested for drug possession, our attorney will do everything he can to prove your innocence. The Cannon Law Firm is based in North Little Rock, AR, working with clients in the surrounding area. You can depend on David Cannon to stand up for you in court and fight for your rights.

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3 common drug charges

3 common drug charges

When you work with a drug crime attorney, you'll have someone by your side to provide you with legal support and guidance through this difficult process.

Three of the most common drug crimes include...

  1. Possession. This means having illegal substances on your person.
  2. Trafficking. This is the distribution of illegal drugs or substances.
  3. Manufacturing. This is the production of drugs with the intent to distribute.
Depending on the crime, you could be facing anything from significant fines to years in jail. If you're being charged with drug possession, our attorney can help you build your case.

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